A real X-ray room on wheels

With a full-scale DX-D 300 X-ray room installed on a large truck, Azienda Sanitaria Provinciale di Siracusa’s innovative Mobile Radiology Unit is ready and able to handle both ordinary and extraordinary challenges.

“The design of the truck, which was commissioned before the COVID pandemic, facilitates the isolation of patients with infectious diseases during screening and follow- up activities.  The mobile unit has also been used to screen inmates during a tuberculosis outbreak at a prison, which was critical in avoiding an all-out epidemic at the facility. And it has been used by the Italian military to screen soldiers and immigrants arriving at the Sicilian Maritime Command (Marisicilia), in Augusta, for infectious respiratory pathologies, and to assess their severity.  “The mobile unit has in fact provided an essential service for the community in more than one extraordinary situation,” Dr. Giuseppe Runza, Head of Territorial Radiology for ASP Siracusa, acknowledges.

And at the center of it all is the DX-D 300 direct radiography X-ray solution. Easily installed in a limited space, it requires minimal training and delivers a wide range of images in a short span of time.   “The DX D 300 in the truck offers us good freedom of movement in a small space, excellent image resolution, the ability to reduce dose, a versatile workstation, and – above all – the ability to carry out examinations with maximum patient comfort.”

For Dr. Runza, a key strength of Agfa’s imaging solutions is the MUSICA™ image processing software. “MUSICA™ is cutting-edge and very versatile. It makes image processing simple and intuitive, which speeds up the entire process, and reduces waiting times for our patients.  The combination of Agfa’s software and hardware makes our diagnostic imaging workflow smoother, which enables us to improve departmental productivity and diagnostic confidence. Furthermore, the automatically optimized images allow us to obtain more information, using a lower dosage.”

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