La Paz hospital Group, Guatemala, installs VALORY room with integrated Full leg Full Spine capability for automatic stitching

La Paz Hospital Group has 7 locations across Guatemala, comprising a network of first-class hospitals dedicated to prioritizing the health and well-being of their patients. Their primary objective is to offer a top-tier infrastructure coupled with high-end technologies, to ensure an exclusive service delivered by their specialized medical staff.   Servicios Quirúrgicos, our partner in the Guatemala region, has been supporting them in their digital transformation journey towards advanced radiology solutions. 

In 2021, Agfa’s DR 400 solution was introduced at the CAES headquarters, marking the beginning of a progressive transition.  By November 2023, our joint efforts led to the installation of two Dura-line XD 14 and XD 17 detectors to digitalize an analogue room. In 2024, Agfa’s VALORY digital radiography room with integrated FLFS was installed.  

VALORY has been integrated into the hospital to optimize workflow and enhance the patient experience. With features such as automatic tracking and auto-centering, it streamlines the acquisition process for different studies. 

In addition, we have responded to the specialized needs of orthopedics and neurological specialists with the integration of an automated FLFS system for spine and full leg studies, where correct stitching of the acquired images is essential as they form the basis for both therapeutic treatments and surgical procedures. The EasyStitch automatic stitching software eliminates the risk of potential deviations and ensures precise image alignment. This streamlines operations for the technologist and ensures the safety and quality standards for both the patient and the clinician. 

Agfa Radiology Solutions would like to thank La Paz, Grupo Hospitalario for their trust and collaboration in patient care. We also extend our congratulations to our partner Servicios Quirúrgicos and their dedicated team for the successful implementation of this new DR project in Guatemala.