Dura-line Panels

Confidence – Workflow – Image quality

DR detectors: ease of use and maximum productivity

Your DR detector investment can be used for multiple X-ray systems, including those you buy in the future. With no cables, the wireless detectors can be switched and transported easily due to their compact design and light weight.

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Why Choose Dura-line detectors?

Confidence: robust reliability in more situations

Dura-line detectors are designed to give you peace of mind as you work. The panels’ IP67 waterproof rating and 1-meter drop height resistance let you work confidently and quickly without worrying about incidental damage, while the temperature range of 0-40°C makes them ideal for specialized applications, such as veterinary or military. Finally, the WPA2-PSK cybersecurity helps you keep patient data secure.

Workflow: diagnose more patients in a shorter time

Dura-line detectors comes with your choice of one or two batteries: the outstanding battery autonomy of up to 15 hours operating time (with 2 batteries) keeps you going throughout a shift, on one charge. The MUSICA™ workstation also puts enhanced productivity at your fingertips, with an intuitive interface and fast image workflow. Three Wi-Fi antennas and a built-in hotspot provide for a truly portable experience.

Image quality: see more with less dose!

Our gold-standard MUSICA™ image processing uses AI algorithms to deliver sharp images with amazing details, while 90% modulation transfer function (MTF) gives better sharpness. The detectors’ CSI scintillator further supports high image quality even with less dose – a key for everyone, but especially pediatrics and neonatology.

Peace of mind at your work

Diagnose MORE patients in a SHORTER time

  • Intuitive MUSICA™ workstation offers reliable interface and fast image workflow
  • 15 hours operating time on two batteries, no charging necessary
  • Fast, reliable communication based on 3 Wi_fi antennas and a built-in, integrated hot spot

High Image Quality

  • MUSICA™ industry-best image processing software based on AI algorthms for  sharp images with amazing number of details
  • Dura-line XD+ detectors’ DQE of 75% @lp/mm
  • Dura-line XD: MTF value of 90% offers high sharpness
  • Potential for dose reduction