Putting our experience to work for vets! 

Putting our expertise to work for vets!

With over 100 years of experience in diagnostic imaging, Agfa has long supported human healthcare enterprises as they evolve from analog to digital.

Now, you can put this knowledge to work in your veterinary practice, with our high-quality, dedicated solutions that meet the specific needs of animal care.

Whether you are looking for computed radiography (CR) or direct radiography (DR), we offer a range of proven solutions that give you excellence in imaging, plus reliable support and service from our worldwide organization.

No compromises image quality!

Our digital X-ray solutions include MUSICA™ imaging processing to deliver low dose, high-resolution scanning with unparalleled image quality for small animals, equine and dental animal care.

You can see more patients, perform a better diagnosis, improve pet owner satisfaction and enhance the quality of care.

Why choose for Digital?

Superior MUSICA image quality

Dedicated to Veterinary imaging

Improved cost and workflow efficiency

Ultra-fast image acquisition

High-resolution images

MUSICA™ image processing

“With MUSICA™, we can explore the fine details of the structure, with the thoroughness required.”

MUSICA™ is our gold-standard image processing software. It automatically analyzes the characteristics of each raw image and optimizes the processing parameters, independent of body part or dose deviation.

Calibration and processing are completely automated, so there’s no need for technical expertise. Just push the MUSICA™ button

You get maximum detail, with minimum fuss.

Dura-line Panel Series : Confidence – Workflow – Image quality

Your DR detector investment can be used for multiple X-ray systems, including those you buy in the future. With no cables, the wireless detectors can be switched and transported easily due to their compact design and light weight.

“I understood about the workflow and dose reduction benefits of DR, as well as the excellent image quality, from the beginning. But the reality still surprised me!”

Dr. Suvi Heinola
Co-Owner AlmaVet, Jyväskylä, Finland

” Never – not once! – have we received feedback that an image from the Agfa DR or CR is not good quality.”

Dr. Alessandro Centinaio
Veterinarian and Owner of Clinica della Brughiera, Italy

” By upgrading to Agfa’s DR, we can go three times faster.  The horse doesn’t have to wait around, we avoid bottlenecks for the X-ray room, and comfort is increased. “

Veterinarian and specialist in Locomotor disorders at Livet Equine Veterinary Medical Center Saint-Michel de Livet, France

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