A dynamic view

Fluoroscopy and rapid sequence imaging

MUSICA™ goes Dynamic

Dynamic Imaging – both fluoroscopy and rapid sequence imaging is an increasingly powerful tool for analysis and diagnosis.

Since radiation dose is of particular concern for both patients and clinicians, Agfa aimed to contribute to dose and image quality optimization by extending the established and state-of-the -art MUSICA™ image processing software with a dedicated concept for dynamic image processing.

Together with the DR 800 multi-purpose X-ray system, a novel approach using Dynamic Multiscale Enhancement™ (DME) for optimal dynamic image quality at the lowest possible radiation dose was introduced.

Dynamic MUSICA™ adds enhanced noise suppression as well as superb brightness and density stabilization to dynamic imaging studies.

With Dynamic MUSICA™, fluoroscopic imaging is virtually reinvented!

Compared to our previous fluoroscopy system, we saw a dose reduction of 30-45% on average after installing the DR 800!

Winfried Brockhaus, Chief radiographer at the Katholisches Klinikum Nord GmbH/Marien Hospital, Germany

New concepts in Dynamic Imaging

Agfa’s state-of-the-art dynamic processing guarantees low noise level and minimal lag at the lowest possible radiation dose throughout common fluoroscopy exams. Moreover, Agfa has taken care to ensure immediate and stable image quality at the beginning and during dynamic sequences. Finally, Agfa ensures well-balanced and sharp rendering of the diagnostically relevant image regions.

DR 800 is simply market-leading. Dynamic images often have lower resolution, but the DR 800 provides amazing detail both for moving and static images.

Nigel Beeton,
West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, UK
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