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That’s why Agfa offers a comprehensive, top-quality and dedicated mammography portfolio that fits the requirements of various imaging environments. Agfa’s mammography portfolio includes analog and digital solutions for image acquisition with image processing, and diagnostic viewing, to fit an imaging environment’s needs.

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The experiences of our valued customers

Dr. Jacqueline Kieck, Partner Radiologist at Morton & Partners Radiologists, South Africa, shares her challenges with mammography contrast, heightening the risk of overlooking lesions. Our 24M mammography detector has been proven to be the solution for her, enhancing the clarity of her images significantly.

“The Mammo DR Retrofit is a good choice for small hospitals. Our constant aim is to provide excellent patient care, including through lower dose potential and higher mammography image resolution. The Retrofit is helping us achieve our goals on all these levels..”

Nektarios Lavoutas, B.O.D Member
Procurement & Technical Dept. Manager, Agios Dionysius Hospital, Aegina Island, Greece

“Once we were certain that the test results were satisfactory, we could confirm that the DR Mammo Retrofit offered a cost-efficient alternative to purchasing a complete DR mammography system, while still providing us with the DR image quality and productivity benefits to support our care goals.”

Dr. Claudia Merino Pohl,
Chief radiologist of mammography, Inmunomédica Medical Center Concepción, Chile

Classic Mammography Film

Mamoray HDR-C Plus

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Diagnostic Mammo printing and viewing


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DRYSTAR Mammo Film

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XpertSuite™ for mammo

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Digital Mammography (CR and DR)

MUSICA™ for Mammography

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DR Mammo Retrofit

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