DR Detector Care

The Detector Care Program is the best investment to guarantee the efficiency and continuity of your diagnostic imaging service.


  • Through it, you can replace your detector with failures and defects immediately, quickly and easily.
  • By purchasing the Care Detector, you pays a fee that is supplemented with an additional payment only if the detector needs to be replaced.
  • Through the Detector Care Program, the continuity of your business is ensured, without worry and with predefined values.
  • This way, you can focus on what’s most important: providing the best care for your patients.


How does  Detector Care Program work?

It’s quite simple: when you buy your detector, you can choose to include Detector Care, so it will be 100% covered from the moment you install it.


What does Detector Care recovers exactly?

The Detector Care Program covers any defect in your detector, whether technical or otherwise (drops, fluids, etc.).


How does payment for Detector Care work?

This is simple too! It works like this: when you buy the equipment, you pay a fee, which can vary according to the model of your detector. If you need to replace the detector, you will have to pay an additional fee when you do so. But rest assured, this is less than 10%* of the cost of the equipment.


What’s the point if my detector is still under warranty?

The advantages are many! In addition to covering any and all faults, through the Detector Care Program, your detector can be replaced immediately, without the need for technical evaluations.


* The percentage may vary depending on the configuration of your equipment and detector.


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