Image customization

Close interaction between radiologists & application specialists

The evolving taste of the radiologist

Image quality preferences are highly dependent on the previous images a radiologist has been trained on

The starting point

Default values of MUSICA™

MUSICA™ was developed after an extensive study with Radiologists. For the study, radiologists  reviewed images with varying levels of enhancement and ranked the images by diagnostic preference and usability. Some of the Radiologists in the study preferred slightly more enhancement and some preferred slightly less. The default processing parameters represent the average results of the study and are a good starting point for most users.

An iterative review to find the optimum

At start-up time, an Agfa application expert reviews images of different body parts together with the lead Radiologist.

Three simple controls to allow the user to adjust the appearance of the image to meet their specific requirements.

  • The brightness adjustment controls the overall brightness of the image.
  • The contrast adjustment controls the multi-scale contrast within the image to modify the visualization of key chest features and the appearance of scatter radiation in the image
  • The sharpness controls the fine detail in the image and the appearance of noise


Example of virtual grid with 2 different tastes

Default image

Customized taste