Information Security & Privacy

Protecting from cyber-attacks and supporting privacy

Your data needs protection

Healthcare sector is a popular target for cybercriminals and particularly vulnerable due to easy access to poorly protected systems, valuable data, and low transparency on attacks.

Did you know?

according to a recent whitepaper from IT Security firm Sophos [1]


of healthcare organizations were hit by ransomware in 2022

$1.82 million

was the mean cost cost to recover from ransomware attacks in 2022

Agfa Radiology Solutions

Implements security processes, uses security tools and prepackages its products with security by default, to support its customers challenges

Agfa NV  demonstrates a commitment to robust information security practices, and proving ability to protect patient health information and our customers’ assets.

ISO 27001:2013 compliant

a risk-based approach

to information security to proactively identify and mitigate potential threats, reducing the likelihood of security incidents

incident management controls

to ensure that Agfa is well-prepared to handle security incidents promptly and efficiently and therefore minimizing their impact.

Security tools

Frequent vulnerabilities scanning

Agfa Radiology Solutions uses a vulnerability scanner trusted by tens of thousands of organizations worldwide

Secure service tool

Agfa uses a secure client for remote diagnostics in real time, fast response and repair times, efficient software maintenance

Secure Remote Service System Whitepaper

Workstation security

Regular security updates

Windows hot fixes and new versions of the workstation acquisition application

U.S. Defense Information Systems Agency guidances

The MUSICA™ workstations are configured following DISA STIGS, security rules to harden Windows against misuse

Secure authentication

All MUSICA™ workstations use Windows Authentication, a secure form of authentication to verify identity, and makes it more difficult for attackers to read passwords or other credentials

Data encryption

Secure DICOM is supported, and sensitive information are encrypted e.g. passwords, hard disk data with Bitlocker, Interprocess Communication, etc

Data integrity

PHI data are only accessible & modifiable by authorized personnel and hashing techniques are used to prevent malicious data tampering

Data recovery

Hourly back up to restore this database in case of disk failure or power outage

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Agfa’s Secure Remote Service System (SRSS)

Secure access to your digital radiography systems to support the device software across its lifecycle. Using SRSS enables secure remote support, with fewer disruptions and faster corrective actions. The solution will help to keep your Agfa systems running at top performance, while you reduce your hospital’s system administration overheads and optimize patient throughput.

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