Automatic pathologies detection

Assisting the clinical team with more than images

Timely diagnosis, timely treatment

With 3 billion x-rays acquired per day, the x-ray image interpretation by the radiologist is most often the first step before the referring physician decides on patient management.

The clinical challenge

Timely communication of the radiology diagnosis is challenged by the growing number of patients and staff availability, which strongly varies between countries or even within countries between rural and metropolitan areas.

Delays in  performance radiology scans or reporting can prolong the time until a proper treatment is made, leading to increase of hospital stays lengths, costs and significant comprises in patient care.

The evolution: from x-ray equipment to a safety net



The total time taken from clinician referring to interpretation time is an important quality measure that can impact hospital workflow and patient outcome.

To support hospitals with that challenge, Agfa Radiology Solutions brings intelligence inside the modality.

ScanXR products support the radiology team and referring physicians bringing extra clinical information timely to make decisions by automating the detection pathologies from routine x-ray images, and optimize the care pathway.

* CriticalScan is not available in all regions.
Contact your local sales representative for availability.

Why Choose ScanXR™?

Supports the optimization of the care pathway

  • Based on extra clinical information, the hospital can deploy a local protocol to improve the communication between care teams

Detection next to the patient

  • Radiographer can be informed of relevant information for verbal communication
  • Patient still in or close to the radiography room when results arrive

Simplify IT risk assessment

  • Information stay in your Agfa modality
  • No IT infrastructure changes required

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