DR 800

Digital imaging multitool
One single solution for Digital
Radiography and Fluoroscopy

A truly multi-purpose solution

The DR 800 is a fully integrated digital imaging solution that supports general radiography, fluoroscopy, and advanced clinical applications – making it a single investment for a broad range of exams without requiring additional specialty rooms.

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The DR 800 is a fully integrated digital imaging solution that supports general radiography, fluoroscopy, and advanced clinical applications

Maximum versatility

With just a single investment, you get a multi-purpose room offering the uncompromised image quality, positioning freedom, and advanced clinical procedure capabilities you need.


Optimal image quality at the lowest possible radiation dose

The DR 800 features dynamic MUSICA™ image processing software for Radiography and Dynamic (Fluoroscopy) images. Agfa’s state-of-the-art dynamic processing guarantees low noise level and minimal lag at the lowest possible radiation dose throughout common fluoroscopy exams. Moreover, Agfa has taken care to ensure immediate and stable image quality at the beginning and during dynamic sequences. Finally, Agfa ensures well-balanced and sharp rendering of the diagnostically relevant image regions.

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Advanced range of applications

Supporting general radiography, fluoroscopy and advanced clinical applications like tomosynthesis, improved automatic stitching, Digital Subtraction Angiography (DSA) and roadmapping, the DR800 offers a highly versatile, fully integrated digital imaging solution that delivers performance, ease of use and flexibility.

Leading-edge workflow with unrivalled positioning freedom

The DR800 provides greater flexibility for maximum productivity and smoother patient flow through a single-touch, remote-controlled user interface that automates table, tube and imaging receptor positioning. Additionally, it offers full in-room control when everything needs to be done patient side. Combined with its remarkable positioning freedom, accommodating stretcher, wheelchair, and cross table exposures, the DR800 enhances patient and operator satisfaction, comfort and safety.

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DR 800 Unlimited possibilities

DR 800 Dynamic MUSICA™ image processing

DR 800 Manual and autopositioning

DR 800 Patient access and comfort

DR 800 Remote joystick control

DR 800 Virtual collimation

“Although we are a smaller hospital, our radiology department is nonetheless a very demanding environment. We not only support our busy emergency department, but orthopedics, oncology, radiation services and more – including some services you wouldn’t ordinarily expect from a ‘typical’ community hospital. And we still need to get the most from every
imaging room. The DR 800 meets that need.”

Brandon Wilson
Director of Imaging – Henry Community Health, New Castle, IN (USA)
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“Having the digital tomosynthesis with our DR 800 offers us an additional imaging choice that speeds up diagnosis. It reveals things that might not be visible with classical X-ray. Yet it can be done without moving the patient from the X-ray department.

Dr. Robert Zbyslaw
Radiologist, Ilawa Hospital, Poland
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White paper: Agfa DR image quality and patient care

A recent white paper reported on the improvements and challenges introduced in fluoroscopy imaging over the past decades. Concepts such as Automated Brightness Control (ABS), adaptive dose per frame rate (keeping the dose rate constant and independent of the frame rate), and Agfa’s advanced temporal filtering and noise suppression methods have found their way into clinical routine and become state-of-theart technology.

Despite the convincing technical performance of such concepts and innovations, the ultimate proof points remain the clinical image quality and the satisfaction of the customers; namely, radiographers and radiologists. For this reason, Agfa carried out another large-scale study to objectify and re-confirm image quality for dynamic or semi-dynamic procedures (fluoroscopy, DSA and Roadmapping, digital tomosynthesis, etc.), in a manner that is comparable to the study around static X-ray quality.

This white paper highlights and illustrates the methods and most relevant outcomes of this study.

Multi-functional radiology imaging technology

“Radiology departments across the world face the same challenges: deliver quality images, improve workflow, reduce costs and keep patients and caregivers satisfied. In most R/F systems, one of these benefits must be sacrificed at the expense of the others. Agfa’s DR 800 breaks from this paradigm with an innovative, hybrid design supported by Agfa’s MUSICA™ image processing software and ergonomic features that can bring radiology providers everything they seek for their new R/F rooms.” This conclusion is derived from the Frost & Sullivan white paper “Leveraging the Benefits of Multi-functional Radiology Imaging Technology”.

Full Leg / Full Spine (FLFS) imaging

Full Leg/Full Spine capabilities come standard, including tube and detector positioning, acquisition of up to four images. With EasyStitch™, you can add extensive orthopedic tools. Seamless automatic stitching directly on the table allowing horizontal and vertical Full Leg/Full Spine (FLFS) procedures. EasyStitch uses single focus, distortion free imaging technology providing simple, precise Full Leg/Full Spine (FLFS) imaging.

Digital tomosynthesis

Implementing the DR 800 with digital tomosynthesis will add a key new tool to your imaging portfolio: one that gives your hospital’s radiologists more choices than found in legacy equipment. By using multislice image reconstruction, the DR 800 provides the depth to see beyond dense structures, revealing more details than classical X-rays. Yet it uses the low radiation dose and fast workflow of general radiography. It thus can fill the gap between X-ray and CT, supporting radiologists to diagnose X-ray images that are often too complex to read due to anatomical overlap, without sending the patient to another department. This means greater convenience and comfort for staff and
patient alike.

Digital Subtraction Angiography / Roadmapping

Make more out of your X-ray Room!

The DR 800 offers improved diagnostic visualization for interventional procedures, with real-time subtraction and masking (roadmapping) for guidance in the positioning and placement of catheters, stents and balloons.