MUSICA™ Workstation

The brain of Agfa’s x-ray solutions, designed for technologists

Intelligent workflow

Efficient, for time savings

Fast image preview & processing

Image preview starts immediately after exposure and the processed image is generated after a few seconds

No window/level adjustments

Image processing parameters are automatically set by MUSICA™ based on each image content, independently of body part, exposure, etc which avoids manual window/level adjustments

Customized workflow

User’s workflow can easily be customized, enabling a fast, smooth completion of tasks

Standardized connectivity

DICOM Modality Worklist standard reduces errors in the transmission of patient information and standardize the way in which patient information is exchanged between devices

Remote images viewer without PACS

Distribute images on almost any computer on the network, even in small private practices, to show to patients their images in the clinician’s office or the exam room

Intuitive, for new users

Same experience across modalities

A single interface for all workstations: R&F, Genrad, DR or CR

Hybrid touchscreen/mouse interface

Simple tasks are done with a tap on the screen, while precision work is done with the mouse e.g. guided measurements, advanced image processing

User-friendly environment

MUSICA workstations are equipped with Microsoft Windows OS, a familiar environment for users to get started

Comfortable reading

Images are surrounded by dark areas to facilitate image review

Dose-oriented, for patient care

Immediate performance indication

The MUSICA™ workstation shows how much the exposure dose deviates from the exam reference value, on every exposure and analyzing reject statistics

Dose reports for QA analysis

The MUSICA™ workstation supports the IHE Radiation Exposure Monitoring (REM) profile and can create advanced reports to assess whether certain examinations or radiographers require extra training

Centralized dose monitoring

All MUSICA™ workstations can transmit all dose and reject records to a Central Monitoring Station

Hardened, for data security

Frequent vulnerabilities scanning

Weekly scanning done with a vulnerability scanner trusted by tens of thousands of organizations worldwide

Regular security updates

Software releases include Windows hot fixes and new versions of the workstation acquisition application. In case of vulnerabilities, a risk assessment leads to additional patches whenever is necessary

U.S. Defense Information Systems Agency guidances

The MUSICA workstations are configured following DISA STIGS, security rules to harden Windows against misuse

Secure authentication

All MUSICA workstations use Windows Authentication, a secure form of authentication to verify identity, and makes it more difficult for attackers to read passwords or other credentials

Data encryption

Secure DICOM is supported, and sensitive information are encrypted e.g. passwords, hard disk data with Bitlocker, Interprocess Communication, etc

Data integrity

PHI data are only accessible & modifiable by authorized personnel and hashing techniques are used to prevent malicious data tampering

Data recovery

Hourly back up to restore this database in case of disk failure or power outage

Upgrade your workstation

Patient wristband reading

Avoid patient mix-up

Miscommunication can lead to exposing the wrong patient, especially for bedside exams

0 click

Save time with 0 click to start an exam from the worklist

Central Monitoring Station

Remote data collection

QA manager centralize all dose and reject reports for dose monitoring and reject analysis from any workstation, without interrupting radiographers

Remote image quality control

Radiographers can remotely review, edit and improves images outside the room, to avoid discussing next to the patient

Portable or fixed ?

Convertible laptops or fixed workstations

Handheld workstation

Go from room to room with the 2-in-1 laptop/tablet & easily switch between external monitors and also comfortably mix CR and DR Retrofit workflows

Workstation compatible for DR and CR

Allows to upgrade your CR installation for more productivity

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