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U-arm DR system

DX-D 300

A compact solution for all exams

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Floormounted DR system

DR 400

A complete, scalable DR solution that grows with your needs

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Floormounted DR system


An affordable modular digital X-ray room going far beyond the usual ‘basics’.

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Ceiling-suspended DR

DR 600

Digital X-ray and AI, leading the way to intelligent care

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Ceiling-suspended DR

VALORY™ Ceiling

An affordable modular digital X-ray room going far beyond the usual ‘basics’.

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GenRad/Fluoroscopy DR

DR 800

Multitool of Digital Imaging

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Study: Agfa DR image quality and patient care

The impact of 30 years of experience in image processing and dose management

Agfa has a long-term history as well as worldwide leadership in X-ray image processing. It was therefore considered appropriate to carry out a study on a larger clinical scale in order to obtain reliable clinical data and to re-confirm and quantify real-world image quality.

The study was organized by Agfa’s headquarters; it involved five individual hospitals in Germany, six independent readers (radiologists), and data collected over more than two years. All relevant body parts and exam types, both for adult and pediatric X-ray imaging, were included.

The study covered the complete range of standard DR systems: from full-sized, ceiling mounted systems; to floor mounted systems; to DR retrofit setups. In addition, it provided for the first time detailed information on clinical dose levels applied with digital X-ray detectors.

Can the small focal spot be omitted for Direct Radiography?

Simplifying the exposure technique…

In daily clinical practice, using only the large focal spot has many potential advantages: simplifying workflow, but also – indirectly – having a positive impact on image quality and financial aspects.

This study demonstrates that there is no significant difference in clinical image quality between large and small focal spot for several types of X ray extremity radiographs at standard exposure conditions. For on-table exposures of extremities at standard SID using DR detectors with standard pixel pitch, the small focal spot has no added value and hence can be omitted.

The diagnosis is in the details

MUSICA™ image processing software

For decades, Agfa’s MUSICA™ software has been taking image processing to the next level, delivering digital radiography image processing software that automatically produces optimized ‘first-time-right’ imaging. That’s why we call it the “gold standard”.

Digital Tomosynthesis

Bridging the gap between 2D GenRad and CT

Fast multi-slice image reconstruction

  • Less noise
  • Fewer artefacts

Equipment hygiene takes center stage

Following our disinfection procedures is key to enable the proper disinfection of your Agfa DR system and detectors, while ensuring the optimal operation and lifetime of your devices.

Following disinfectants have been found compatible and can be used on the outer surface of the DR Detectors and DR Systems: • Sani-Cloth® AF3 wipes (Sani-Cloth is a trademark of PDI®) • All options are listed in the document below

Disinfectants list