CR 30-Xm

Join the digital evolution in mammography

Providing mammography quality imaging standards

A compact, single-slot, table-top digitizer that handles both digital mammography and general radiography applications at a very high resolution of 50μm pixel pitch. One that incorporates artificial intelligence with SmartRotate™, which enhances productivity, allows consistent viewing independent of the cassette-orientation, and keeps the full focus on patient care.

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Combining Mammography and General Radiography in a tabletop

A compact, single slot, table-top digitizer that handles both digital mammography and general radiography applications. One that meets the high level quality demanded for digital mammography and delivers a solution that facilitates the change from analog to digital in a fast and a cost-efficient way.



CR 30-Xm is not available in the US and Canada

Why choose CR 30-Xm?

MUSICA™ empowered – no compromise on image quality

The high image quality needed for the detection of small and subtle lesions in the breast are achieved through the CR 30-Xm’s high resolution mode of 20 pixels per mm, its dedicated CR plates and cassettes and MUSICA™ for Mammography image processing.

Artificial Intelligence for the right view, automatically

With SmartRotate™, patient positioning and cassette orientation are always right, and every image is presented ready for viewing, directly and automatically.

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Delivers tissue images up to the chest wall

The CR 30-Xm’s dedicated mammography image plates and cassettes come in sizes of 18 cm x 24 cm and 24 cm x 30 cm. This enables tissue imaging right up to the chest wall.

Total solution for digital mammography and general radiology applications

By combining the CR 30-Xm with the MUSICA™ workstation and MUSICA™ for Mammography image processing; the DRYSTAR AXYS hardcopy printer with its two online trays; and the XpertSuite™ standalone software with its mammography option, the CR 30-Xm provides a total solution. This makes it very accessible for smaller hospitals, small practices and hospitals making the move from analog to digital.

Providing mammography quality imaging standards

Affordable, compact and table top, with a horizontal cassette insertion that prevents dust and dirt being introduced into the system, the CR 30-Xm makes digital imaging highly accessible to smaller hospitals, small practices and facilities making the move from analog to digital.


Suitable for digital mammography and all general radiography – including full leg full spine studies – the CR 30-Xm’s multi-application capabilities enable this single solution to deliver maximum study types. This makes it highly versatile and cost-effective.

Together for mammography excellence

Because every woman deserves the best mammography experience

That’s why Agfa offers a comprehensive, top-quality and dedicated mammography portfolio that fits the requirements of various imaging environments. Agfa’s mammography portfolio includes analog and digital solutions for image acquisition with image processing, and diagnostic viewing, to fit an imaging environment’s needs.

The diagnosis is in the details

For decades, Agfa’s MUSICA™ software has been taking image processing to the next level, delivering digital radiography image processing software that automatically produces optimized images.

That’s why we call it the “gold standard”.