Improving Radiography workflows

SmartRotate™ auto-rotates images to their standard orientation based on their content. Images are thus automatically aligned ready for viewing by the radiologist. By making the panel orientation no longer a concern, the radiographer can focus more on the patient, and less on the equipment. SmartRotate™ is available on all Agfa DR and computed radiography (CR) solutions.

SmartRotate™ is part of Agfa’s SmartXR® portfolio, which provides image acquisition support and lightens radiographers’ workloads by adding intelligence to Agfa’s CR and DR solutions.

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Frost & Sullivan White paper

In two hospitals using SmartRotate™ with Agfa’s direct radiography (DR) solutions, image rotations were reduced by up to 91%. These results are highlighted in the Frost & Sullivan white paper “Business Case and Benefits of Automatic X-ray Rotation Functionality within Agfa’s SmartXR® Offering,” which describes the impact of automatic X-ray image rotation in image acquisition workflows.

SmartRotate ™ saves a lot of time without the use of manual rotation; time that can be put towards patient care and maintaining volumes in the department.

These benefits were most apparent on our Agfa portable in the ICU where removing extra steps and distractions can be vital to caring for these critical patients.

Stepfanie J. Harvey General X Ray Manager Rush University Medical Center

As a Quality Manager and Technologist, I like knowing that I can trust images are being displayed correctly instantly.  With our significant volume, SmartRotate ™  has the potential to provide substantial time savings over a year.

Elizabeth Evans Senior Modality Manager-Diagnostic AdventHealth Central Florida Division

SmartRotate™ is available on all Agfa’s CR and DR systems

SmartRotate™ is part of the SmartXR® AI portfolio

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