Disinfecting your Agfa DR systems and detectors

Equipment hygiene takes center stage!

The hygiene of equipment, including DR, is a key part of responsible prevention. In addition to washing hands before, during and after the examination, all equipment used with a patient must also be cleaned and disinfected. When possible, equipment that comes into direct contact with patients should be covered with an impermeable material (such as a plastic bag) that can be disposed of after each examination.

Disinfecting your Agfa DR system and detectors

Following below disinfection procedures is key to enable the proper disinfection of your Agfa DR systems and detectors, while ensuring the optimal operation and lifetime of your devices.


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  • Disinfection procedures
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Approved disinfectants

Further instructions on cleaning and disinfection are available in the User Manual of the product.