Dental for Veterinary

Affordable, high image quality

Dental for Veterinary RU

Agfa offers fast, affordable, easy-to-use, high-quality digital imaging dedicated to animal dental healthcare

Big results from a small investment

Periodontal disease is a major health risk for animals: in fact some 25-30% of all small animal anesthesia is carried out for dental problems.

Accurately detecting periodontal disease at an early stage can play a big role in enhancing the care and treatment you provide.

Our dental cassettes for our CR systems have been extended with a range of intra-oral plates that come in sizes for everything from a rabbit to a large dog.

With these easy-to-use plates, you can take dental images quickly and efficiently. And you can develop multiple images in one simple process.


The Agfa dedicated Vet Plates can be easily removed from the cassette and the adapter to make veterinary intra-oral dental X-ray exposures without cassette.

They are small and flexible and therefore ideal for veterinary intra-oral dental X-ray examination. The plates are also light and thin like film, plus they don’t require cables, connectors, equipment, or other complex attachments.

They offer high sensitivity and sharpness at low dose, making them especially suitable for dedicated applications.

Their storage phosphors feature high absorption efficiency and excellent homogeneity.

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