Compact space, big possibilities

Knightsbridge Doctors,  a long-established private medical practice provides personalised medical services to individuals and their families, companies and international organisations. Imaging, especially X-ray, is central to the services Knightsbridge Doctors delivers to its patients. As Raymond Bernard Cruz, Lead Radiographer, explains: “One of our key services is health screenings, which generally include chest X-rays. We therefore perform a lot of these, every day. Of course, we also do other types of X-rays, depending on the patient’s needs and pathologies, for example extremities or spine imaging. Our X-ray unit is thus busy throughout the entire day.”

The DX-D 300 was the perfect solution for us. It’s compact, reliable, easy to manoeuvre and fast. And it offers the image quality we need, while enabling us to reduce patient radiation dose,” Mr. Cruz describes.  With its U-arm and floor-mounting, the DX-D 300 doesn’t take up much space, Mr. Cruz explains. “It gives us plenty of room for the patient and radiographer – and even for a family member to come in if necessary! It’s more comfortable for the patient, while allowing the radiographer to better move around while positioning the patient, etc. And there is more natural light. People also like the look of the DX-D 300: I’ve received comments about how ‘futuristic’ it is. Altogether, it enables a better experience for the patient and the radiographer.”

Mr Cruz also highlights the role of the MUSICA® image processing software. “It automatically adjusts the contrast, brightness, etc, so the image has the right quality and consistency. I save 5-6 seconds for every X-ray. That’s a lot in a day, for a facility like ours where we are doing X-ray after X-ray. In total, all the advantages of the DX-D 300 shave minutes off each patient’s imaging: I’ve had multiple patients comment to me that it takes longer to get dressed than to do the actual X-rays. This allows us to see more patients, but also to shorten patient waiting times – which is a key goal for us.”

“I would happily recommend the DX-D 300 both to private clinics like Knightsbridge Doctors, but also to larger hospitals, for example. In my opinion, anything the bigger X-ray machines can do, it can as well, while saving you valuable space. It’s easy to use, offers high-quality images, and has changed my workday. I’m convinced,” he concludes.

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