One image is all it takes’: At SERAM 2024, Agfa Radiology Solutions shows how intelligent technology makes every image count

At the SERAM 2024 congress, held in Barcelona from 22-25 May 2024, Agfa Radiology Solutions will share how its intelligent technology supports radiology departments to make every X-ray image count. Accurate and high-quality diagnostic information from the first image taken reduces retakes, enabling faster, smoother workflows and enhancing the experience of radiologist, radiographer and patient.

“At SERAM 2024, visitors can discover our intelligent technologies that offer real and concrete answers for radiologists, radiographers and patients. We are dedicated to make every image taken on Agfa system count. When the examination delivers the information that radiologists need for confident diagnosis, retakes and referrals to other modalities are reduced. The radiographer’s workflow is smoother, diagnosis is more efficient and the patient receives less radiation – which is an important outcome for everyone. That’s the story behind ‘one image is all it takes’,” says Hans Bossink, Head of EMEA at Agfa Radiology Solutions.

“As hospitals in Spain strive to continue to provide all patients with high-quality, cost-effective healthcare, we are committed to helping our customers face these challenges: with a portfolio of imaging solutions designed to meet the needs of every hospital, but also with smart technologies and innovations, such as SmartXR®, ScanXR and MUSICA®, that help to bridge the gaps, for example with CriticalScan™ that identifies suspicious critical pathologies, ensuring that images with key diagnostic information can be immediately marked as high priority at the point of care,” says José Maria Torras Palau, Sales Manager Agfa Radiology Solutions Iberia.

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