Agfa launches MyAgfaRadiologySolutions service portal, enabling insights in and control over installed Agfa equipment

Agfa Radiology Solutions announces that its MyAgfaRadiologySolutions self-service portal, which was launched at RSNA 2023, is currently released in the US and Canada. It will become available to other parts of the world soon.

Agfa developed and tested MyAgfaRadologySolutions with several Agfa customers, including AdventHealth, in Florida, USA. Elizabeth Evans, Senior Modality Manager – Diagnostic/Imaging Service Line, AdventHealth, describes, “For a large organization like AdventHealth, if you can minimize the time of any task, even by a minute, it adds up. MyAgfaRadiologySolutions and MUSICA® Analytics make time-consuming tasks around managing and overseeing our Agfa equipment fast and easy, while delivering insight to streamline our processes. And that saves us even more time.”

“Each week, more than 3 million radiographic exams are carried out with Agfa equipment around the world. We are committed to ensuring every customer can get the most from that equipment, supported by our world-renowned service. MyAgfaRadiologySolutions makes it even easier for our customers to access that service, now boosted by the brand-new MUSICA® Analytics engine delivering key insights to help our customers streamlining operational performance. MyAgfaRadiologySolutions thus becomes an essential tool to get the most out of radiology departments,” says Daan Belmans, Project manager at Agfa Radiology Solutions.


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