Compact space, big possibilities

Just a few steps from the world-famous Harrods department store, in the heart of London’s Knightsbridge district, an impressive yet welcoming entrance in historic Basil Mansions opens onto Knightsbridge Doctors.  Imaging, especially X-ray, is central to the services Knightsbridge Doctors delivers to its patients.  As Raymond Bernard Cruz, Lead Radiographer, explains: “One of our key services is health screenings, which generally include chest X-rays. We therefore perform a lot of these, every day. Of course, we also do other types of X-rays, depending on the patient’s needs and pathologies, for example extremities or spine imaging. Our X-ray unit is thus busy throughout the entire day.”

While image quality, reliability and dose reduction were key requirements, the new chosen system would have to address a specific challenge for the practice: “The X-ray room is very small.  For our new system, it was critical that we found a solution that would fit the space and improve the patient’s experience – without compromising on the other ‘given’ requirements. The Agfa DX-D 300, U-arm was the perfect solution for us. It’s compact, reliable, easy to manoeuvre and fast. And it offers the image quality we need, while enabling us to reduce patient radiation dose,” Mr. Cruz describes.

“I would happily recommend the DX-D 300 both to private clinics like Knightsbridge Doctors, but also to larger hospitals, for example. In my opinion, anything the bigger X-ray machines can do, it can as well, while saving you valuable space. It’s easy to use, offers high-quality images, and has changed my workday. I’m convinced,” he concludes.

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