Rapid, excellent Full leg/Full Spine imaging

With a choice of detectors,  a MUSICA® workflow,  EasyStitch technology and specially adapted MUSICA® imaging processing software your Full Leg/Full Spine is fast and easy installed.

A Technology answering real needs


minimizes distortions and supports simpler, more precise FLFS imaging

MUSICA® software

intelligent image processing, with EasyStitch Technology

MUSICA® workstation

Intelligent tools for your FLFS DR imaging workflow


for quick and easy detector lifting

Easylift : a unique wall-mounted, floor standing lifting device escpecially designed for smooth and easy postioning in full body imaging

The Easylift brings increased accuracy and ease of operation to Full Leg Full Spine exposures, enabling precise positioning of the DR FLFS Detector Positioner.

The Easylift has been developed to work with the DR FLFS Detector Positioner or the CR Full Body Cassette Holder, allowing smooth and easy lifting at greatly reduced effort.

The Easylift brings the user all the benefits with the added value of easy and safe height manipulation. It is a key part of a complete range of DR and CR Full Leg Full Spine solutions, assuring ease of use and uniformly high quality images for all Full Leg Full Spine exposures in full body imaging.

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