DR Retrofit

It only takes an instant to go DR!

DR Retrofit with Dura-line detectors for confidence,

workflow and image quality

Maximize your existing investments

With Agfa’s vendor neutral DR Retrofit Solutions, you can easily upgrade your existing X-ray unit to Direct Radiography (DR) while protecting your current investment.  From X-ray rooms to mobile analog units, it only takes a moment to go DR!

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Why empower your X-ray department with DR Retrofit?

The DR Retrofit with Dura-line detectors is built to support you with three key values – confidence, workflow and image quality – so you can focus on your patient, not your equipment!

Why choose DR Retrofit?

Confidence: Robust reliable in more situations

The panels’ IP67 waterproof rating and 1-meterdrop height resistance let you work confidently , while the temperature range of 0-40°C makes them ideal for specialized applications, such as veterinary or military. Finally, theWPA2-PSK cybersecurity helps you keep patient data secure.

Productivity: diagnose more patient in a shorter time

DR Retrofit with Dura-line™ gives you the choice of one or two batteries: the outstanding battery autonomy of up to 15 hours operating time (with 2 batteries) keeps you going throughout a shift, on one charge.

No compromises

One DR Retrofit can be shared with multiple X-ray systems. Your mobile and stationary X-ray systems – including standard Bucky tables, floor stands and neonatal incubator trays – can become highproductivity DR systems, giving you a cost-effective path to DR anywhere across your departments.

See more with less dose!

Our gold standard MUSICA™ image processing uses AI algorithms to deliver sharp images with amazing details.

“With COVID, we need to be able to divide the flow of patients very quickly, into clear and suspected cases.  The speed and mobility of the DR Retrofits increases our productivity.”


Dr. Olga Viktorovna Larionova
Head of the X-ray departement, Municipal Clinical Hospital no. 11, Barnaul, Russian Federation
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“Now that the radiography department is back in service, we can serve our patients without difficulty. We have significantly benefitted from the collaboration with Agfa, and are confident that, when we need their assistance again, we will receive the same warm welcome.”

Dr. Jean-Paul Nube
Hospital Medical Director, HGR Drodo, Democratic Republic of Congo
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” Upgrading to DR will make our imaging more efficient overall. But with the MUSICA™ Chest+ for gridless bedside chest imaging, our mobile imaging in particular will see a big increase in productivity, as well as in comfort for both staff and patients.”

Natalie Gartland
Deputy Imaging Services Manager of Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust
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Dura-line Detectors

Dura-line Cesium Iodide detectors deliver robust reliability, cost-effectiveness and potential for significant patient dose reduction*. Offering outstanding 15h battery autonomy, detector sharing (that maximizes the value of your investments), and an ergonomic design, they support you to enhance productivity in imaging.

*Testing with board-certified radiologists has determined that Cesium Bromide (CR) and Cesium Iodide (DR) detectors, when used with MUSICA™ image processing, can provide dose reductions of 50 to 60%, compared to traditional Barium Fluoro Bromide CR systems. Contact Agfa Radiology Solutions for more details.

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DR 14s detector family

Lightweight and small yet robust, the DR 14s Digital Detector offers general radiography facilities all the advantages of Direct Digital, while maximizing the use of their existing equipment, for both conventional and mobile digital X-ray systems.

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DR Mammo panels

The directly deposited CsI-based scintillator and 76 μm pixel pitch resolution deliver the high image quality needed for mammography examinations. The cassette-sized AED detector is compatible with analog mammography X-ray modalities, enabling an easy and vendorneutral upgrade to DR, and leveraging the radiography department’s existing investments.

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The diagnosis is in the details

For decades, Agfa’s MUSICA software has been taking image processing to the next level, delivering digital radiography image processing software that automatically produces optimized images.

That’s why we call it the “gold standard”.

For quick and easy detector lifting

Extend your DR Retrofit for general radiography with Full Leg/Full Spine. With this upgrade, you can have all the speed, workflow and image quality benefits of DR imaging, while maximizing your existing equipment, including your EasyLift!

Easy Lift™: A fast and easy upgrade for you FLFS system

Rapid, excellent full leg/full spine images

MUSICA™ image processing software with dedicated EasyStitch™ Technology gives you a fast FLFS workflow.


Minimizes distortions and supports simpler, more precise FLFS imaging