Optimize the clinical care pathway, for better patient outcomes

Timely detection, Timely treatment

ScanXR™ products bring a safety net to radiologists and referring physicians by automating the detection pathologies from routine x-ray images, and optimize the care pathway


Critical findings alerts

Accelerate communication between radiology & clinical teams

After receiving an alert, radiographer can directly contact the radiologist or referring physician to prioritize a patient

Improve delivery of patient care

During overnight hours, referring doctor gets information from the AI to decide how to proceed until the radiology report is available

Avoid patient recall

While the patient is still in the x-ray room, the radiologist or physician can ask for extra exposures e.g. a lateral chest

High AI accuracy

CriticalScan™ is powered by Lunit INSIGHT CXR, screening every chest AP/PA x-ray with exceptional accuracy

More on Lunit INSIGHT CXR

* CriticalScan™ is not available in all regions.
Please contact your local sales representative for availability.

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