Digital Radiography Upgrade Program

Our upgrade, trade-up and retrofit programs are designed to support your efforts  to improve efficiency and image quality  while maximizing your existing investments.


We endeavor to provide you with innovative and market-leading solutions to keep your systems and technology up-to-date.

This commitment to your imaging future is the basis for our ‘Fast Forward Digital Radiography Upgrade Program’.

Special promotion and financing programs may be available to help you Fast Forward your radiographic room(s) or even your entire department from CR to DR.


Step into the future

with MUSICA™ Workstation Upgrade

Upgrade available for the complete
Agfa CR/DR portfolio.

Never standing still

Healthcare will never stand still: it continues to move toward better patient care, greater efficiency and enhanced workflows

Fast Forward includes our ‘stage-by-stage’ guidance to support and improve your digital imaging evolution:

Advance along the path from computed radiography (CR) using traditional powder imaging plates (IP’s) to either the latest generation of CR using crystalline Cesium needle IP’s or directly towards cassette-less based direct radiography (DR) with dose reductions of 50% and more

Add industry-leading MUSICA image processing software, now in its 3rd generation, to your CR or DR solution

Keep your acquisition station secure and ensure continued software support, with any software improvements and trends

Add the strength and expertise of our support services to your facility

Radiologist, Klinikum Nürnberg Nord, Nürnberg, Germany

“The DR Retrofit flat panel detector is identical to the one in the mobile DR solution, so we can share them, which increases productivity and cost efficiency.”

Prof. Dr Reinhard Loose

“Upgrading to DR was a no-brainer for us”

“What made the DR upgrade a no-brainer for us was the marginal cost increase in monthly payments for the adoption of significantly superior DR technology as compared to what we were paying previously for ongoing maintenance of our CR technologies” 
Roland Rhynus CRA, Executive Director of Radiology Loma Linda University Medical Center, California, US


“Dose reduction has become a very compelling story”

“All radiologists need to be cognitive of patient dose and aware that patients are becoming better informed and will increasingly ask questions.”

Dr Steven Mendelsohn
Chief Executive Officer/Medical Director,
Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology, New York, USA

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