DR 600

Ultimate speed precision comfort imaging

Digital X-ray and AI, leading the way in intelligent care


The DR 600 is a complete and integrated solution that provides high quality images, while maximizing productivity, versatility and ease of use with AI of SmartXR™ to support enhanced operational and clinical performance. 

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Top-performance digital x-ray room

The high-productivity and innovative features. The speed and intelligence of SmartXR™ AI. The precision and movement of ZeroForce™ technologies. They all come together seamlessly in the fully automated DR 600, to deliver a streamlined workflow, increased throughput and enhanced experience for patients and operators alike. Even in the busiest imaging environment..

Why choose DR 600?

  • Excellent image quality provided by our most advanced generation MUSICA™ image processing software
  • Single or multi-detector, high productivity and high-throughput digital X-ray room
  • Full automation, auto-positioning and auto-tracking

  • ZeroForce™ Technology, offering smooth operation with almost zero effort for manual movements
  • Significant potential for dose reduction, with the Cesium Iodide detector
  • Handles a broad range of general radiography and tomosynthesis exams


  • DR Full Leg/Full Spine capability with EasyStitch™ technology for both standing and recumbent patients
  • Predictive workflow assistance from Agfa’s SmartXR™ Assistant, supporting improved productivity and consistent outcomes: SmartAlign™, SmartPositioning™, SmartDose™ and SmartRotate™
  • LiveVision™ technology, enabling accurate radiation dose-free remote positioning

Digital Tomosynthesis

Having the digital tomosynthesis offers us an additional imaging choice that speeds up diagnosis. It reveals things that might not be visible with classical X-ray. Yet it can be done without moving the patient from the X-ray department.



“ The image quality is exceptional!  MUSICA and the DR 600 are keeping the imaging workflow smooth and efficient, while meeting the quality and dose reduction needs for patients and staff.  The fact that we don’t need to adjust the images has a lot of advantages: image quality, workflow, efficiency… we save a lot of time.   And we are also getting a consistent appearance to our images, which is important for referrers and clinicians.”

Michael Neep
Team leader radiographer Logan Hospital, Queensland, Australia
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“The new generation of the MUSICA™ image processing software is extremely successful.  We can examine more patients in the same amount of time with the same number of staff”

PD Dr. Günther Sigmund,
Klinikum Mutterhaus der Borromäerinnen, Trier, Germany
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DR 600 ZeroForce™ technology for a top performance digital X-ray room

DR 600 Workflow

DR 600 Vertical and angular tracking

DR 600 EasyStitch™ Technology FLFS

DR 600 Auto Positioning

DR 600 Easy and light to operate – Zeroforce™ technology

The diagnosis is in the details

For decades, Agfa’s MUSICA™ software has been taking image processing to the next level, delivering digital radiography image processing software that automatically produces optimized images.

That’s why we call it the “gold standard”.


Durability, Efficiency and Dose Reduction with the new Dura-line Detectors

Dura-line Cesium Iodide detectors that deliver robust reliability, cost-effectiveness and potential for significant patient dose reduction*. Offering outstanding 15h battery autonomy, detector sharing (that maximizes the value of your investments), and an ergonomic design, they support you to enhance productivity in imaging.


*Testing with board-certified radiologists has determined that Cesium Bromide (CR) and Cesium Iodide (DR) detectors, when used with MUSICA™ image processing, can provide dose reductions of 50 to 60%, compared to traditional Barium Fluoro Bromide CR systems. Contact Agfa Radiology Solutions for more details.