High-quality Images.




Can reliability and affordability really fit together? Put simply : YES!

DRYSTAR 5302 offers high-quality printing in a convenient table-top size, so you can offer next-to application printing in even the smallest spaces


This freedom of placement, combined with the low investment and running costs, makes DRYSTAR 5302 the perfect match for many modalities, and the right answer for your printing needs

Drystar 5302

A# Sharp

A#Sharp technology for consistently sharp images.

Five different media formats

Agfa’s state-of-the-art dedicated media provides diagnostic quality for all applications.

Two adaptable media trays

Direct Digital Imaging

With its solid-state technology, it provides controlled, consistent image quality in a stable, long-lasting platform.

DRYSTAR Dry film – easy handling for convenient radiology exams

DRYSTAR Dry film has been designed to support Agfa’s top-of-the-line DRYSTAR imagers. It is capable of coping with the higher throughput of the advanced imagers.

Agfa’s leading-edge Direct Digital Imaging technology produces greyscale hardcopies with high Dmax and contrast. It gives clear, high-quality results with all the advantages of dry technology. Superb quality images are generated more quickly and more conveniently.

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