The ‘AXIS’ of your department

The compact diagnostic imager with full flexibility

DRYSTAR AXYS is the axis for digital radiography workflows, including for high quality mammography imaging. The combination of its small size, ease of use, reliability, superb quality and flexibility makes it the right imager to use – anywhere you need it.

DRYSTAR AXYS is the heart of the centralized or decentralized department, supporting a broad range of applications

The compact diagnostic imager with full flexibility

DRYSTAR AXYS fits perfectly into any type of facility, from smaller clinics with limited space, to larger hospitals with many departments. Use it in a centralized imaging environment to support a broad range of applications, including CT, MR, DSA and US, as well as CR/DR applications for GenRad, Mammography, Orthopaedics, Dental Imaging and more.

Or use it as a dedicated departmental imager, so that any department can take advantage of its many benefits. With the DRYSTAR AXYS, the question is not whether to use it, but how to use it – and all the choices are yours!

Why choose DRYSTAR AXYS?

Mammography quality, really fast

The DRYSTAR AXYS gives you a high resolution of 508 ppi, which perfectly matches the 50 μm modality resolution of the highest resolution CR digitizers. This one-to-one ratio provides that the imager resolution is equal to the digitizer’s scan resolution, so no image interpolation is necessary, and no image artifacts are introduced. It is the most efficient resolution possible, providing the excellent image quality required for diagnostic Mammography images.

DDI, Smart technology choice

Direct Digital Imaging Technology (DDI) that provides fast, clean, environmentally-friendly usage, with no complex or expensive moving parts to maintain. It is easier to use, with no wet processing, darkroom, complicated adjustments or cleaning procedures, and more reliable, for greater availability whenever you need it.

A#Sharp technology

With the A#Sharp technology included, the enhanced imaging capability of the Direct Digital Imaging provides even sharper image quality across all your applications.

DRYSTAR Dry film – easy handling for convenient radiology exams

DRYSTAR Dry film has been designed to support Agfa’s top-of-the-line DRYSTAR imagers. It is capable of coping with the higher throughput of the advanced imagers.

Agfa’s leading-edge Direct Digital Imaging technology produces greyscale hardcopies with high Dmax and contrast. It gives clear, high-quality results with all the advantages of dry technology. Superb quality images are generated more quickly and more conveniently.

DRYSTAR AXYS can be used for GenRad and mammography printing

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