CR Disinfection guidelines

Hygiene is a key part of responsible prevention

Equipment hygiene takes center stage

The hygiene of equipment, including CR,  is a key part of responsible prevention. In addition to washing hands before, during and after the examination, all equipment used with a patient must also be cleaned and disinfected.
When possible, equipment that comes into direct contact with patients should be covered with an impermeable material (such as a plastic bag) that can be disposed of after each examination.

Disifecting your Agfa CR cassettes

Following below disinfection procedures is key to enable the proper disinfection of your Agfa CR cassettes while ensuring the optimal operation and lifetime of your devices.

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Safety directions for disinfection

Do follow the instructions of use as provided with the cleaning/disinfection product.


The selection and description of the appropriate disinfection procedure and policy is the responsibility of the user.

Consulting and advice

WARNING: Before disinfecting the cassette

Remove the image plate and assure that the cassette is clean. When necessary, you can clean the outside of the cassettes, preferably only with a damp cloth (water, soap).

WARNING: Do not use other cleaners than the ones adviced

Do not use AGFA CR Phosphor Plate Cleaner, PROSAT wipes, AGFA CURIX screen cleaner or any other screen cleaners or alcohol containing liquid on the cassette surface, as this can cause damage to the cassette.

WARNING: Never pour liquids direclty on the surface of the cassette

always use a clean, low-linting cloth dampened (not dripping) with the solution.

WARNING: Use in well-ventilated areas.

WARNING: Disinfecting solution/wipes may cause eye and skin irritation.

Wash hands with soap and water following use. Consult the manufacturer’s Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and recommendations on the product label for additional information prior to use.

WARNING: Make sure that the cassette is properly decontaminated and disinfected before shipment.

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