Effortless imaging at the bedside

Imaging can be demanding, but the DR 100s makes it easy, even when patient mobility is a challenge.

The ZeroForce technology provides flexibility of the tube-head along 3 axes, making manual movement of the tube nearly effortless. A simple push of the buttons on the tube-head lets you make precise movements in any direction, while the motorized vertical movement of the tube-head further assists with up/down movements. And you can check and refine positioning on the 10-inch display monitor without leaving the patient’s side. The entire imaging process is designed to be more comfortable and more productive.

Based on dedicated customer feedback, we have even further enhanced the DR 100s’ ZeroForce Technology to reduce the force needed to move the tubehead up and down by more than 50%.    Furthermore, the double trigger button in the tube-head handles makes it now easier to perform fine adjustments when centering the X-ray beam on the body part, without losing the angulation of the tube-head alignment with the detector.

Combined with its customer-driven design, amazing usability and freedom of movement, the DR 100s offers your facility a new force in mobile imaging.