MUSICA DR trolley solution for Equine

MUSICA DR trolley solution for Equine

Mobile veterinary DR solution offering flexible workflow

The complete MUSICA DR mobile solution meets the specific needs of equine veterinarians in the field.
Compact, easy to work with and flexible, it offers wireless image transmission, efficient, fast workflow, improved exam speed and superior image quality.

Fast workflow and maximum portability

The DR Trolley comes with a laptop featuring acquisition workstation software and MUSICA image processing dedicated for large animals, the wireless XD+10 and/or XD+14 detector or the DR 10s and/or DR 14s detector and a rugged carrying case on wheels.

You can see more patients, perform better diagnosis, improve pet owner satisfaction and enhance the quality of the care you provide.

Why choose the DR Trolley for Veterinary?

Superior image quality: MUSICA

Our ‘gold standard’ MUSICA image processing has been customized for veterinary needs to optimize images for large animals. Exam-independent, it ensures consistent image quality and high contrast detail.

Ultra Fast Image Acquisition

High-resolution images

Rugged carrying case on wheels.

The case is watertight and dustproof which makes it an ideal solution for veterinary imaging in the field

MUSICA for Large Animals: tuned for the best results

“With MUSICA, we can explore the fine details of the structure, with the thoroughness required.”

MUSICA is our gold-standard image processing software. It automatically analyzes the characteristics of each raw image and optimizes the processing parameters, independent of body part or dose deviation.

Calibration and processing are completely automated, so there’s no need for technical expertise.

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