Delivering flexible imaging excellence

Optimal flexibility. The versatility to capture a wide range of studies. Enhanced productivity through Artifical intelligence and excellence in image quality. Easily installed in a limited space. The DX-D 300 is the quick and easy way to go direct digital. With it, you’ll enjoy – consistently – the high image quality of MUSICAimage processing.

Space is at a premium in most healthcare environments. As a floor mounted X-ray unit, the DX-D 300 is easy to install and requires limited space of just 3 m x 3 m x 2.8 m. Its small footprint provides a compact direct digital X-ray solution that enables you to capture the widest possible range of exams, all in a single room.

At the heart of the DX-D 300 DR system lies Agfa’s gold standard imaging software, MUSICA™- intelligent and automated digital radiography image processing for regular high quality image visualization. Exam independent, MUSICA™ automatically analyzes the characteristics of each image and optimizes processing parameters – independent of user input and dose deviations. The result is minimal re- or post-processing and the production of high quality images with excellent definition and contrast.

With SmartRotate™, the image is presented ready for viewing, directly and automatically. This ‘plug and play’ feature uses a Deep Neural Net to identify the image content, and then rotate it correctly. With fewer manual postprocessing actions to take care of, the operator saves time and can focus on imaging instead of adjustments.