Erasmo Meoz University Hospital, Colombia, improves workflow in intensive care unit with Agfa’s mobile DR system

In the bustling city of Cúcuta,  in the heart of Norte de Santander, Colombia, stands the Erasmo Meoz University Hospital. Renowned as the paramount health center in the region, this institution boasts a fourth level of complexity, signifying its pivotal role in providing advanced medical care and groundbreaking research.

The recent introduction of Agfa’s mobile DR 100s has improved patient care by significantly reducing the time taken to administer diagnosis, especially for those in intensive care units. The implementation of the DR 100s has not only streamlined diagnostic processes but has also enhanced surgical procedures within the hospital’s operating rooms. A notable advancement is the incorporation of a second screen within the collimator, allowing specialists to visualize images instantly during procedures, eliminating the need for cumbersome movement.

The DR 100s solution offers a host of tools and features for high quality, high performance DR imaging.  The DR 100s comes with Agfa’s intelligent MUSICA® image processing, specially adapted and tuned to further enhance the excellent DR image quality. Exam-independent, MUSICA® provides consistent image quality and exquisite detail.

By leveraging this innovative solutions, the Erasmo Meoz University Hospital continues to set the benchmark for excellence in healthcare not only in Cúcuta but across the entire department of Norte de Santander.