A reputation for quality imaging

Listen first hand what Charlotte Rytter Simoni, Radiography Leader of BDC, Diagnostic Imaging, at Aleris Aalborg has to say about Agfa's VALORY system. The imaging workload at a private hospital tends to be variable, she describes.  However, since Aleris Aalborg installed the ceiling-suspended VALORY DR room, the number of radiography exams has gone up, up, and up. “The public hospitals are under a lot of pressure right now; and overall, our diagnostic imaging exam numbers have increased by around 20%. But our X-rays alone have gone up about 7-fold! I believe this is because the public hospitals have seen the improved image quality since we implemented VALORY, and are confident they can rely on us for the high-quality images they need.” says Charlotte. Watch the video testimonial here. Want to learn more, visit us at ECR2023, booth #207, Hall X2 To schedule an appointment: https://agfaradiologysolutions.com