Agfa’s DX-D 300 solution installed in 27 hospitals throughout Tajikistan.

In 2020-2021,  Agfa Radiology Solutions, together with its business partner Medix Ltd , delivered 27 DX-D 300 solutions to Tajikistan, which were installed in various hospitals across the country. The last installations within this project have recently been completed. Customers Dr. Dilshod Safarov, radiologist at Dushanbe ShifoBaksh Hospital, the country's largest hospital, and Dr. Safarali Azizov, radiologist from Polykilinik Nu. 13 of Dushanbe, are extremely satisfied with the wide variety of studies the DX-D 300 offers and its exceptional image quality guaranteed by MUSICA image processing. By choosing the DX- D 300, customers receive a universal, flexible and affordable solution which can perform a wide vaniety of examinations in a limited space. Agfa's DX-D 300 is the quick and easy way to go direct digital.  This allows you to enjoy – consistently – the high image quality of MUSICA image processing.