Bumi Medika Ganesha Clinic ITB, West Java, installs Agfa’s DX-D 300 U-arm solution with Dura-line detector.

Early last month, the Bumi Medika Ganesha Clinic ITB (institut Teknologi Bandung), West Java, Indonesia installed Agfa's  DX-D 300 U-arm solution.    Agfa's DX-D 300 offers a fast way to go digital, easily installed in a limited space with a versatility to capture a wide range of studies.  The DX-D 300 will streamline the hospital's workflow while consistently providing  the high image quality of MUSICA image processing. The DX-D 300 was installed together with a XD-14 Dura-line portable detector.  These wireless, high-resolution, full-field AED detectors support confident operation, a smooth workflow and excellent image quality.