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One image is all it takes

Less need for retakes means less radiation exposure for patients. It means a smoother workflow for radiographers. It means radiologists get the quality images they need more quickly. It means facilities can see more patients. And it means those patients get the fast, accurate diagnosis that enables timely treatment and better outcomes.  Discover how our technologies make the difference!

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Exceptional image quality

MUSICA™ automatically analyzes the characteristics of each image and optimizes processing parameters, independent of user input and dose deviations. You get exactly what you need; the right images, quickly and efficiently, requiring minimal retakes. Next-generation MUSICA™ offers you even better viewing of difficult areas.

Balanced presentation of both soft tissue and overlapping bone structure

Visualization of subtle details in the abdomen

True representation of implants with clear bone interfaces

True representation of implants with clear bone interfaces

Discover our SmartXR™ intelligent Workflow

* SmartDose™ is not available yet.  Contact your local sales representative for more information.

Learn how ScanXR™ optimizes the clinical care pathway, for better patient outcomes

  • CriticalScan™: identifies suspicious pathologies in chest X-rays – powered by Lunit INSIGHT CXR.
  • DensityScan™: enables automated osteoporosis screening – powered by IBEX BH.

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