‘Excellence’ in education

For the radiography students at Madison College Campus, Kentucky Community & Technical College System (KCTCS),  two new VALORY™ labs are giving them the chance to learn on cutting-edge technology, better preparing them for ‘real’ imaging environments. In 2022, the college received a grant to replace the laboratory equipment. After discussions with long-term supplier Radiation Services of Indiana (RSI), the college purchased two VALORY™ rooms. The most important criterion for Dr. Menser was cutting-edge technology. “I explained to RSI that I needed a solution that wouldn’t be outdated in a few years: I wanted something that would be good for another decade. RSI told me that Agfa, and VALORY™, is definitely cutting edge. That was information I could bring back to the administration, to get their approval.”  In addition, the solution was cost-effective, which meant the college could also replace other lab equipment. “It’s very rare that you can change out all your equipment at once, but with VALORY™, we were not only able to replace our two outdated X-ray rooms, but we had enough left over to replace our mannequins, as well, and to purchase a DR 100s mobile unit!”, says Dr. Joy Menser, Program Director and Instructor for the Madisonville Community College Radiography Program. The VALORY™ rooms are already getting noticed in the healthcare community around Madisonville Community College Campus. “I’ve had several medical facilities reach out to see if they can come take a look at our VALORY™ rooms,” notes Dr. Menser. “I am confident VALORY™ will work as well in clinical as in educational settings. The overall needs are the same, after all: quality, ease of use, robustness. Plus, VALORY™ is up and running very quickly.” Read the full customer testimonial here