Frost & Sullivan white paper highlights the role of SmartRotate™ in improving radiography workflows

A study was conducted by Frost & Sullivan at Rush University Medical Center, USA, in their imaging centers with two ceiling suspended X-ray rooms, and one mobile digital radiography unit from Agfa Radiology Solutions.  The center performs a variety of X-ray acquisitions including chest, abdomen, bone survey, ankle, foot, hand, wrist, etc. with an average volume of 1500 X-rays per month. The data on the number of manual rotation actions before and after activating the SmartRotate™ feature was collected over a period of 60 days between 2020-2021, to identify the impact of using the SmartRotate™ function. As a result, “SmartRotate functionality results in 20 hours of bedside imaging workload savings per machine annually”, says the Frost and Sullivan white paper.   Download the white paper for free: