Frost & Sullivan white paper highlights the role of SmartRotate™ in improving radiography workflows

Studies in two hospitals illustrate how the automatic image orientation tool decreases the number of manual rotations by the radiographer, saving time and enabling a more patient centric workflow. In two hospitals using SmartRotate™ with Agfa’s direct radiography (DR) solutions, image rotations were reduced by up to 91%. These results are highlighted in the Frost & Sullivan white paper “Business Case and Benefits of Automatic X-ray Rotation Functionality within Agfa’s SmartXR® Offering,” which describes the impact of automatic X-ray image rotation in image acquisition workflows. Studies were carried out between 2020 and 2022 at Rush University Medical Center, in Illinois, and AdventHealth Diagnostic Imaging Center, in Florida. At Rush University Medical Center, manual rotations were reduced to 4-5% of exposures. Manual interventions were reduced on average by 91% for the fixed DR room, and 76% for the mobile DR system. As a result, “SmartRotate functionality results in 20 hours of bedside imaging workload savings per machine annually”, said the white paper. For AdventHealth Diagnostic Imaging Center, after SmartRotate™ was activated a significantly higher proportion of images required rotation, because the radiographers are relieved from the burden to position the DR panel in the correct orientation, according to Frost & Sullivan. Read the full press release here Download the white paper here