In new opinion paper, Agfa’s Radiology Advisory Board looks to the future of X-ray imaging

Bringing together senior radiologists and medical imaging technologists from different countries, the board uses their combined and shared expertise to develop knowledge-based advice on strategies for the development of diagnostic X-ray. Founded in 2020, the Radiology Advisory Board has a mission to investigate the role of X-ray imaging as a diagnostic tool, and the potential strategies. Jeroen Cant, Research Team Lead R&D, Radiology Division at Agfa, explains, “The Radiology Advisory Board offers a forum where senior radiologists and technicians can discuss and share the expertise essential for fostering growth and advancing the field of X-ray imaging. It enables a collaborative space that uses its members’ collective wisdom to formulate advice on strategies and roadmaps for the future.” “The future of X-ray modality in Radiology” is the first opinion paper created by the board. It covers six transformation areas that the board considers crucial for the future of X-ray imaging.  As the opinion paper highlights, the healthcare ecosystem in which X-ray operates is transforming drastically, and X-ray as an affordable and accessible imaging exam will play an indispensable role in this new ecosystem. The opinion paper is available to download on Agfa’s website. Read the full press release here