It’s (all) about time

“For a large organization like AdventHealth, if you can minimize the time of any task, even by a minute, it adds up,” says Elizabeth Evans, Senior Modality Manager – Diagnostic/Imaging Service Line. “MyAgfaRadiologySolutions and MUSICA Analytics make time-consuming tasks around managing and overseeing our Agfa equipment fast and easy, while delivering insight to streamline our processes. And that saves us even more time.”

“MyAgfaRadiologySolutions offers a ‘one-stop-shop’ for our service teams, front-line site leaders and myself. We can access all the information on our Agfa modalities in one place, for all of our hospitals, freestanding emergency departments and outpatient facilities. And we can create and monitor service tickets, from any device. It makes all our jobs easier, and saves us valuable time. But it also helps us to streamline our processes and continuously improve our performance, on the big and small scale,” Ms Evans continues.

Site supervisors, managers and directors can access MyAgfaRadiologySolutions directly to gain insight on their own Agfa units. “Rather than waiting for my monthly reports, they can check the data every week, for example, try out improvements, and then verify the impact. This is a big step forward for enabling performance improvements. For instance, if one technologist constantly needs to repeat a certain exam, you can shadow them, or partner them with another technologist, to help them bring their performance level up.”

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