Leading from the front

“Mobility is life, life is mobility: that’s our motto,” starts Dr. R Mohandhas, Orthopedic surgeon and owner of Sushrushah Hospital in Nagercoil, in the southern tip of India. “We are committed to ensuring that patients from all economic situations leave our hospital with the best outcome. That requires a mix of medical skill and advanced technology. Since 2006, Agfa Radiology Solutions has been our imaging partner for achieving this. Now, we have added the DR 600 direct radiography room with SmartXR® artificial intelligence tools to our imaging portfolio, and we are very happy with the benefits it has delivered!” “We now do over 300 X-ray exposures for around 100 patients every day. To ensure the best patient experience, we knew we needed to find ways to constantly improve productivity and decrease the imaging time for each patient. So I was very interested in the DR 600 and the SmartXR® tools: together, they offer a lot of ways to speed up the radiographer’s workflow, while ensuring optimum image quality,” explains Dr. Mohandhas. Since the installation, the DR 600 has delivered on its productivity promises.  The collective benefits of the SmartXR® tools are clear to Dr. Mohandhas: “The image quality is excellent, which pleases our consultants. They get more information from the images, for a confident diagnosis. This has helped us to further enhance our reputation as a state-of-the-art facility that treats all patients, from any economic background.” “Although we have three X-ray rooms, we now perform about 80% of our images with the DR 600, and it takes less time than before! That means we can see more patients, while keeping their experience fast and smooth. The DR 600 and SmartXR® are an excellent solution for a busy hospital that wants to invest in the best technology for patient care.” Read the full customer testimonial here