Accelerated notification of suspected pathologies

Timely detection, timely treatment

The ScanXR™ portfolio intelligently assists clinicians and radiologists to accelerate the notification of suspected pathologies that tend to be underdiagnosed or that need to be treated immediately.


Early warning system for critical pathologies. Identifies suspicious pathologies in chest X-rays. Powered by Lunit INSIGHT CXR, CriticalScan™ provides fast and clear pre-clinical evaluation of chest X-rays at the patient’s side, and enables timely communication between care teams.


Turning every x-ray into an opportunity to diagnose Osteoporosis. Enables earlier identification of patients with a high risk of osteoporosis, during ordinary X-ray imaging. Powered by IBEX BH, DensityScan™ helps bridge the diagnosis gap to improve patients’ quality of life, ensure healthcare equity, and enable cost savings across the board.

DensityScan™ : Strengthening the backbone of healthcare

  • identifies at-risk patients with standard, routine wrist and forearm X-rays, enabling faster diagnosis.
  • uncovers patients who don’t fit the ‘typical’ risk profile for osteoporosis, reducing missed abnormalities or diagnoses.
  •  screens out patients who are unlikely to benefit from a bone density scan, reducing costs for patients, hospitals and health systems, and freeing up staff and valuable equipment resources for those who need them.


DensityScan™ is a “silent assistant” that delivers results that can be readily interpreted by clinicians and that can be upgraded on most Agfa Radiology Solutions DR X-ray modalities.

CriticalScan™: A safety net for care teams

  • The radiographer is notified by CriticalScan™ of a high-priority exam e.g. showing risk of pleural infusion, tension pneumothorax or lung nodules.
  • The radiographer immediately escalates this exam to the radiologist or the referring physician.
  • The referring physician or radiologist can review the images on their workstation while the patient is still in the exam room and can request additional exposures if required.


CriticalScan™ is a “silent assistant” that doesn’t interfere with the normal workflow, unless a critical finding is detected.

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