Meet the Valory Ceiling Digital Radiography room

Excellence means doing more than just ticking boxes.
The VALORY Digital Radiography room aims to exceed your expectations. Its simple design offers you functionality that goes far beyond the usual ‘basics’.

Maximize productivity

Balancing reliability and productivity in a modern, modular and, above all, easy-to-use design, the VALORY DR room provides the true value you need, combined with legendary MUSICA image quality. Your radiology department is under constant pressure to enhance efficiency while meeting strict budget requirements. We’ve built upon our long-term experience and close relationships in radiology and beyond to create a digital X-ray room that delivers confidence and productivity.

Optimized efficiency

Modular design that fits in your present and evolves for your future Modular VALORY offers maximum configuration flexibility, easily adapting to every typical X-ray room layout and workflow demand. Flexible, modular and upgradable, VALORY not only fits your needs and budget now, it can evolve with you, offering a solid, secure investment that gives you the confidence to plan for your future.

With its modular, modern design, VALORY is quick to implement, so it is up and running fast. And its intuitive interface means your radiographers will be using it confidently in no time – whether they have years of imaging experience, or have joined your team more recently.

Safe and efficient workflow

Features such as autotracking and autocentering keep exams moving quickly, with a smooth, efficient workflow that gets patients in and out fast.

Easy acquisition, with the MUSICA workstation

VALORY delivers the full power of the MUSICA workstation workflow to provide quicker previews that reduce time between exposures and thus deliver a higher rate of throughput. The result is a lower cost per exam and faster patient throughput. And, with its intuitive interface, the MUSICA workstation is fast and easy to use: it requires no special training, and you get just what you need in fewer mouse clicks.

Durability, efficiency and dose reduction: New Dura-line detectors

VALORY comes with Dura-line Cesium Iodide detectors that deliver robust reliability, cost-effectiveness and potential for significant patient dose reduction. Offering outstanding 15h battery autonomy, detector sharing (that maximizes the value of your investments), and an ergonomic design, they support you to enhance productivity in imaging.

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