Northern Care Alliance NHS Trust goes live with Agfa DR 600 in its Pendleton Gateway satellite medical center

In May 2023, the Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust, in Greater Manchester, UK, went live with the Agfa DR 600 direct radiography (DR) room in the Pendleton Gateway medical center located in Salford. The state-of-the-art DR 600 was selected for its radiographer-centered design that delivers ease of use, and its excellent image quality with a ‘first-time-right’ imaging approach. Rachael Warham, Clinical Service Lead Radiographer, Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust, explains “Pendleton Gateway is a satellite site, which allows us to offer patients the opportunity to have their X-rays carried out closer to home. The Agfa DR 600 will help us to improve our service and the quality of X-rays we produce. The more efficient our services become, the more Pendleton Gateway can reduce the radiography workload of the main sites, and help keep waiting times down for patients. Furthermore, Agfa has a good reputation for completing projects on time, and offered a competitive price.” “We are delighted that the Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust chose the DR 600 to replace the previous X-ray system, for all radiography exams carried out at its Pendleton Gateway satellite site. With the DR 600, both staff and patients can be sure of low radiation dose and excellent image quality, supporting fast, accurate diagnosis,” says Martin Tew, Sales Director Europe North for Agfa Radiology Solutions. Read the full press release here