Quality makes the difference for X-ray service at Aleris Aalborg hospital in Denmark

When Aleris Aalborg implemented the VALORY™ digital radiography (DR) room, it found that the enhanced image quality not only improved diagnostic confidence and the delivery of patient care, it also brought in even more patients. The ease of use of VALORY, plus the image quality improvements, made it possible for the hospital to handle the increase in patients, while further enhancing the hospital’s reputation among hospitals and physicians alike. “We support the public hospitals, including with diagnostic imaging.  They are under a lot of pressure right now; and overall, our diagnostic imaging exam numbers have increased by around 20%. But our X-rays alone have gone up about 7-fold! I believe this is because the public hospitals have seen the improved image quality since we implemented VALORY, and are confident they can rely on us for the high-quality images they need.” explains Charlotte Rytter Simoni, Radiography Leader of BDC, Diagnostic Imaging at Aleris Aalborg. VALORY went beyond the hospital’s quality expectations, she adds: “We were pleased to discover that VALORY offers a balanced presentation of both soft tissue and overlapping bone structure, which means we get more detail from the X-rays. For example, if we have a patient with a foot infection, we need to see the soft tissue. Before VALORY, this would require an MRI or ultrasound to get those details.” Charlotte Simoni continues, “The solution really does deliver ‘first time right’ imaging, which means fewer retakes. This both speeds up the patient’s imaging and reduces their dose exposure, which helps improve the patient’s safety and experience.” But it also supports the diagnostic imaging department to keep workflow and patient throughput smooth. “Faster imaging allows us to avoid bottlenecks while increasing the number of patients we can see.” Read the full customer testimonial here   In the picture from left to right : Preben Lass, Charlotte Rytter Simoni, Hanne Brink, Kristina Sørensen