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Join our in-booth presentations on ‘how to become better in X-ray’

Join us at our booth

Sunday 26th

11:00am “How to use AI assistant to avoid common mistakes”

3:00pm “Mobile imaging in ICU: Next-level efficiency”

Monday 27th

12:30am “How can I use x-ray imaging to monitor chronic disease development?”

3:30pm “Can I reduce dose up to 40% while improving image quality?” ​

Tuesday 28th

12:30am “Maintaining Your Xray Fleet”

Wednesday 29th

12:30am “Saving lives with early pathology detection”

3:00pm “Can I reduce dose up to 40% while improving image quality?” ​

Exceptional image quality

MUSICA™ automatically analyzes the characteristics of each image and optimizes processing parameters, independent of user input and dose deviations. You get exactly what you need; the right images, quickly and efficiently, requiring minimal retakes. Next-generation MUSICA™ offers you even better viewing of difficult areas.

Balanced presentation of both soft tissue and overlapping bone structure

Visualization of subtle details in the abdomen

True representation of implants with clear bone interfaces

Confident, comfortable reading

Thoughts on MUSICA™ & Our Technology

DR 100s offers high productivity and high image quality, and also provides a customer-driven design that enables unprecedented maneuverability and flexibility.