#RSNA2022: New Agfa Radiology Solutions branding takes stage.

“Don’t say it: show it!” That’s the approach Agfa Radiology Solutions has taken to heart, with a new visual identity that reflects the transformations we have undergone over the past few years. Change can be difficult, but it can also lead to new opportunities. At Agfa Radiology Solutions, we’re focusing our change into better fulfilling our vision: to transform radiology by bringing intelligent and definitive answers to patients. This is the transformation that really matters. What’s more, a vision needs a foundation. Ours is solid: we will achieve this transformation by Empowering X-ray Experts with solutions that meet their daily needs. Day by day, our customers will see the impact of harnessing ‘change’ to drive innovation. Our new visual identity supports this by representing who we are, and by connecting our past to our future.