Service and quality: why Agfa meets this busy Trust’s needs

At busy Hull Royal Infirmary, there’s “no time for downtime” when it comes to the imaging equipment. So when the hospital recently replaced three aging X-ray rooms, it turned to its proven, long-time vendor Agfa Radiology Solutions. Now, three new, fully automated DR 600 X-ray rooms are helping the hospital manage patient flows and enhance the patient experience, backed by the reliable Agfa support. With the new rooms up and running, the hospital saw immediate benefits. “Firstly, patient flow is much faster – the patients themselves are amazed with how quickly it goes. The radiographer can set up before the patient comes in, check the ID on the tubehead, change exposure factors, etc. Once the image is taken, they can immediately see if it is ok, so the patient doesn’t have to wait around. Furthermore, the DR 600 delivers on the superior image quality our clinicians need. And while the system is fully automated to minimize dose, the radiographer can still adjust the exposure. The auto-positioning technology and ZeroForce™ manoeuvrability make the whole experience much easier on the staff, as well,” explains Ann McFadyen, Specialty Manager General and Fluoroscopy Radiology for the Trust. The DR 600 is also very adaptable for the different imaging environments, she explains. “The emergency department in particular can be unpredictable: in numbers of patients, types of injuries or pathologies. Furthermore, emergency patients may not be able to ‘assist’ in positioning, you can get mattress artifacts, etc. But the DR 600 is ready, willing and able to adapt to the needs. The radiographers can freely move the tubehead to the precise angle needed. While the quality and flexibility of the DR 600 rooms are critical, Agfa’s support is just as important. “We have worked with Agfa for many years, and are confident in the support and service they provide. Our equipment has to be up and running 24/7, and we have always been able to rely on Agfa when we’ve needed them. Confidence in the relationship with our supplier instils confidence in our staff, and ultimately generates confidence in the care we’re providing to patients.” concludes Ann McFadyen. Read the full customer testimonial here